> Land Surveying (field and office operations):
  >Transportation Infrastructure design:

Land surveying – field tracing


Traffic load and distribution assessments

Cadastral mapping   Road and junctions design (incl. highways)
Expropriation documents, tables, proportionality calculations etc   Road signalization and safety measures design
GIS applications – thematic maps elaboration    
Stream boundaries determination procedures    

>Hydraulic Work Design:   >Structural Design:

Road drainage – storm sewers design


Building’s structures (concrete, steel, composite)

Hydrologic analysis applications   Bridge design (post-tensioned, prefabricated beams, in-situ cost, cantilever method construction)
Water supply networks design   Buildings rehabilitation (repairs, structural strengthening)
    Foundations design
    Retaining structures design

>Environmental Assessments   >City planning applications

>Consulting Services    

Construction supervision services

Design auditing and updating    
Project cost estimations    
Bid documents preparation    
Project Health-Safety guidelines documents preparation    
Projects quality plan auditing documentation    



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